Private Guided Safari Tours

It's a Flashback to 1995! 

We're going back to our roots and offering private tours (by reservation only)!  We've actually continued to do this (only upon request) for years...but we've never officially listed it as an option - until now! 

Now, we aren't going all the way back to how we did things in 1995...back when we were:

  • Driving families one at a time through the park with our zebra-striped Scout International off-road vehicles (they were awesome; we're looking for pictures)!  
  • Those convertibles were great for those early days where there were minimal trails, cedar trees and brush-filled hideaways, and plenty of rocky paths.
  • Even better, every guest was able to explore every nook and cranny of the safari park!!

Here's what we are doing in 2017...  Now Announcing Private Guided Tours:

  • Reservations: Any family or group can book a dedicated tour (by reservation only).  
  • Exclusive Tours: It doesn't matter if it is just two of you or will have a dedicated tram for your private group if you reserve this tour.

Sounds like fun?  We think so!

We understand this tour upgrade option may not be for everyone, but why keep it a secret?!  We hope you'll agree it was best to share with everyone who might want to reserve this type of special treat for a family outing at our zoo!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Give us a call and reserve your private guided tour today!  Don't forget, you can even extend your day and plan a picnic in one of our petting zoos before (or after) your private tour!