Petting Zoo

Enjoy a close-up experience of petting, feeding and playing with friendly animals in our petting areas! The type of animal vary based on the time of year and what babies may have been born recently.

Over the years, we’ve had anything from baby Fallow deer or Blackbuck Antelope to bottle-fed Kangaroos or hand-raised Scottish Highlander calves!

A fan-favorite in our petting zoo are definitely the resident pygmy goats, take a seat and let these little guys offer some snuggles.

The petting zoo is included with the tour price – and there is no time limit! Enjoy hanging with our petting zoo animals before and after the tour of your choice! At this time, we do not offer petting zoo-only admissions. The only way to enjoy the petting zoo is to visit us for a Guided Tour or Drive Thru!