What exactly is a drive-through?

You take the same tour route as our typical guided tour! You can interact with over 500 animals, 50 different species all from your vehicle. They come right up to your car for snacks and lovin’!

How can we make this as contact-less as possible during the pandemic?

Buy your tickets online, print and fill out your waiver in advance! Our girls will simply get your last name for check-in, grab your waiver and issue any feed that you purchase for the experience. They’ll also give you a quick little spill on how to best navigate the park. They are wearing masks and sanitizing their hands frequently for your protection!

When are we open?

We are open every single day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Our hours stay relatively the same, letting cars in from 9am to 5pm.

Do you need to buy tickets in advance?

No! Just drop-in and pay upon arrival.

What kind of vehicles are suitable for the ride?

Any standard car, sedan, SUV or truck is suitable for the drive. Extremely low vehicles may get damaged on our cattle guards or turns. Large RV’s and other trucks of the sort, are not allowed. The tree clearance and width of roads are not suitable! If you are concerned about your vehicle, please give us a call.

Will my car get messed up during the ride?

Unfortunately, there is always a risk when driving your personal vehicle through a safari park of exotic animals. They have horns, antlers, hooves and more and can sometimes misbehave. We’d like to think your car will come out as good as new, but sometimes an animal leaves you with a memory you can’t forget! Please acknowledge that you are entering the park at your own risk and we are not responsible for damages to your vehicle.

How do I prepare my vehicle for the ride?

Please make sure that your vehicle is in good working condition and fueled up for the tour. If you experience automobile problems during the ride, we are not responsible and cannot assist you in any way. You would have to call a roadside vehicle service at your own expense. Please keep this in mind upon entering the park!

How long does it take?

If you visit us on the weekend, plan to spend a few hours here as we tend to get a bit busier. When there are a lot of cars in our park, obviously things will move slower! During the weekdays, we’ve started to slow down a bit so you are looking more at an hour to an hour-and-a-half drive. But, we make no promises as far as time frames go.

What if it rains?

We are open rain or shine! The animals are still very active if it is a bit drizzly! The only time they get a bit lazy is if it is extremely hot outside… So use your best judgement!

What does it cost?

Visit our Drive-Through page for prices and other details!

I have a coupon… how can I use it if I have to buy online?

There isn’t anything special you have to do to receive your coupon, just bring it in for FREE animal food to make up for your discount! Remember our emailed coupons MUST BE PRINTED to be redeemed!

Do you really need to buy feed?

Our animals are free-fed all day, every day. The feed that you purchase is only a snack for your enjoyment. But through our experience, buying feed definitely enhances your experience because the animals will spend more time with the guest willing to give them more snacks!

Are we dog-friendly?

You may bring along your pup for a drive-through amongst the critters. However, we don’t highly recommend bringing your dog. Our animals see dogs as their natural predator, and may not give you the same, awesome experience you’d have elsewise. So, if it is possible for you to leave your pet at home, that is preferred!

There are a few restrictions: (1) Dogs must weigh under 20 pounds. (2) Must be leashed at ALL times. If your pet is found off the leash even once, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the property. There are no exceptions! (3) Keep barking to a minimum.

You will be asked to fill out a waiver for your pet upon arrival.

Additionally, it is expected that you pick up after your pet’s waste in the cabin area. There may be additional charges if this is not done! Be responsible!

Contact Us

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Phone: (830)868-4357

Drive-Through Only

We are only offering the Drive-Through Experience right now! Please buy your tickets online to guarantee your entrance!