Drive-Through Waiver

You will also have to sign this waiver before entering the park. To save time and to prevent as much contact as possible, you may print out the DRIVE-THROUGH WAIVER and have it filled out when you arrive. If you don’t print it out ahead of time, we will provide you with one!

The mere existence of our waiver admits that there is a chance the animals, landscape or terrain of the Exotic Resort Zoo can damage your vehicle or personal property upon entering the park. The Exotic Resort Zoo is not responsible as customers enter the park at their own risk! Please read the waiver carefully and consider exactly what you are agreeing to before entering the park! We’d like to think that our animals are well-behaved and that damages are few and far between, however, we have to make sure that our customers are fully aware of the risk before they head out on their adventure!

*Our animals do have horns and antlers and there is a chance that they will scratch your vehicle. Please keep this in mind prior to entering the park! If you choose to enter, you acknowledge that any damage to your vehicle is your responsibility and not ours.*

Drive Through Waiver