What do you do on a guided tour?

Typically, we take you on a 45 minute safari ride with a tour guide. You’ll learn about and interact with over 600 animals from all over the world! Before and after the ride, you can enjoy our petting zoo and caged animal enclosure. If you bring along a sack lunch, you can enjoy a unique picnic under our huge oak trees by the petting zoo!

When are we open for guided tours?

Guided tours are currently unavailable because of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. But beginning Tuesday, October 13th, we will be offering guided tours during the weekdays! On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we are still only offering the drive-through experience to better keep ourselves and you all safe.

What if it rains?

We are open rain or shine! The animals are still very active if it is a bit drizzly! The only time they get a bit lazy is if it is extremely hot outside… So use your best judgement!

What does it cost?

Visit our Daily Tours & Pricing page for tour prices and other details!

Do you really need to buy a bucket of feed?

Our animals are free-fed all day, every day. The feed in your bucket is only a snack for your enjoyment. But through our experience, buying feed definitely enhances your experience because the animals will spend more time with the guest willing to give them more snacks!

When is the best time for a tour?

Any time is a good time! Our animals interact all day, every day because they love attention and snacks. You need to plan on coming simply when you are comfortable – we operate the tours rain or shine, so we’ll see you whenever is convenient for you! Just dress accordingly to the weather.

Can you bring a big group?

Of course! We don’t sell out and we don’t stop selling until the last tour leaves at 5pm. If you plan to bring more than 30 guests, giving us a call in advance would be greatly appreciated.

Can you schedule a field trip excursion?

Check out our Field Trip Page for school field trip rates. Call to reserve your spot or discuss options today!

Do we have birthday party packages?

Check out our Birthday Party page here! Come and have a one of a kind birthday party!

Are we handicap accessible?

Our guided tour and petting zoo is easily accessible for those in a wheelchair or those with mobility issues. We have a heavy-duty ramp that is removable and easy to place for ease of loading and unloading onto the guided tour. Our petting zoo is, of course, bumpy terrain but it is designed for everyone to enjoy.

Are we dog-friendly?

Oh yeah! Bring along your pup for a guided tour amongst the critters. We do ask that they keep barking to a minimum and they must be on a leash at all times! We also allow pets in our cabins!

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