Step into the wild and get up close & personal with hundreds of animals!

We welcome you for an incredible, one-of-a-kind safari experience!

At the park, you have the option of a Drive-Thru or a Guided Tour! The Petting Zoo is included with your admission.

Admission Rates

Adults are $18.95/ea

Children (12 & under) are $15.95/ea

Seniors (60+) are $17.95/ea

*These prices include both the petting zoo and your tour of choice.*

Feed Buckets are $8.00

Visit our Current Discounts page for any specials and discounts!

We accept cards and cash as payment in-store. There is 3.25% customer service charge on all debit or credit sales. Pay cash upon arrival to save!

Hours of Operation

We are OPEN 7 days a week – 9am to 6pm EVERY day! The last tour leaves no later than 5pm, so arrive early.

For Drive-Thru, you must purchase tickets online by selecting a time-slot. For Guided Tours, you can buy tickets online or in-house and arrive anytime between 9am and 4:30pm.

The longest wait you’d ever have would be about 30-45 minutes for a Guided Tour – however, our petting zoo animals make the time go fast!

We are only closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day!

Scottish Cattle approaching a car.
Deer and Camels next to a car.

What’s the difference between the Guided Tour and Drive-Thru Safari?

Guided Tour

What is it? A tractor-ride with a tour guide!

How long does it last? About 45 minutes to an hour.

Why should I pick the Guided Tour option over the Drive-Thru Safari? 

  1. Your car is saved from potential damage from animals
  2. The trams are able to “off-road”, ensuring you interact with all of our inhabitants
  3. Our dedicated guides entertain and educate throughout the ride
  4. It’s much easier to feed and pet from our open-air trailers
  5. We can seat up to 35 guests on a tour, so bring the whole family

Drive-Thru Safari

What is it? You drive through the park from the comfort of your vehicle!

How long does it last? About 45 minutes.

Why should I pick the Drive-Thru Safari option over the Guided Tour?

  1. The Drive-Thru is self paced, however visitors must stay on the designated path
  2. When the weather is not cooperating, the Drive-Thru offers more comfort
  3. The animals approach the vehicle and invade your personal space, it’s definitely an experience
  4. Visitors with mobility limitations can enjoy the animals with ease
  5. There is typically never a wait time to start the Drive-Thru adventure
Zebra Tour
Scottish Cattle grazing on a guest vehicle.