Welcome to the Exotic Resort Zoo & Safari Cabins!

Where things are always wild & there is fun for all ages!

As far as daily visits go, we have a few different options…

You can visit us for a Drive-Through Experience any day of the week from 9am to 5pm. You can interact with over 500 animals, 50 different species all from your vehicle. They come right up to your car for snacks and lovin’!

You may also drop in for a Guided Tour if they are available! Right now, our Guided Tours are only available on regular weekdays, excluding holidays and when we are expecting higher traffic in the park. For the Guided Tour, you’ll jump on a tractor-trailer ride with an experienced tour guide! Our one-of-a-kind guides will entertain you with all their knowledge, fun facts and personal stories throughout your hour-long tour. You can also interact with and hand feed all of the animals along the way! When these are available, we definitely recommend them over the Drive-Through Experience, however, it totally depends on what kind of experience you wish to enjoy!

*** The Guided Tours will not be available during Thanksgiving Break (November 21st through 29th) or Christmas Break (December 21st through January 3rd) because of higher traffic. We want to do our best to keep you safe and avoid large crowds! You can, however, book a Private Guided Tour if you wish! But time slots are limited, so hurry and snag yours while you can! And of course, the Drive-Through is still an option! ***

Our Safari-Style Cabins are still available to rent with a two-night minimum! Make sure you check those out if you are looking for a unique place to stay overnight!

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