Bring your classroom outdoors and let us help to educate and open their minds, as they explore the world with these unique and exotic animals! The hands-on experience will capture their hearts and minds, while also building a respect towards these amazing animals and the world that we share with them every day…

Each child will have the opportunity to feed the animals from the tour – allowing them to interact, explore, and enjoy these unique animals in their natural environment!

As animals approach the trams filled with your students, you will see your kids filled with excitement and wonder, as they get to personally touch and hand-feed many of the animals!  Our  professional tour guides will educate them with interesting facts and stories, while also explaining the importance of these animals.

After returning from the guided tour (typically ~45 minutes to 1 hour), each student and teacher will have the opportunity to interact and pet the animals (some with babies) inside of several different petting zoo areas!

Be sure to use our large tree-covered picnic area, set within view of our playful group of lemurs and porcupine pair!

Please note that discounted zoo admission is available to student groups by reservation only.  Eligible student groups include public, private, home school, head-start, daycare and even summer camps!

Check out our dedicated VCita site here: @AdventureZooSafari TEKS Educational Program

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