School Field Trips


Our rates are based on how many students you bring – not including staff or parents.

Groups less than 19: Regular tour price

Groups of 20-50 students: $8 per child and $10 per adult

Groups of 51-80 students: $7 per child and $9 per adult

Groups of 81 students or more: $6 per child and $8 per adult

Teachers and other accommodating staff are not free. They’ll be charged the rates you see above.

You must call us at (830)868-4357 to receive the proper price quote for your group – and to reserve!

Do you qualify for our school pricing?

Public schools, church camps and summer camps automatically receive this price break when you bring enough students to qualify. If you have a large group, but don’t fall into one of the before-mentioned categories, you are welcome to call us at (830)868-4357 to discuss other discount options!

How to plan:

Don’t. Our team is dedicated to creating a smooth, fun outing for your field trip. We will organize the event from start to finish – just give us a time frame and let us handle the rest!

What to expect:

Each child will have the opportunity to feed and love on the animals on a guided tour – allowing them to interact, explore, and enjoy these unique animals in their natural environment!

Our  professional tour guides will educate them with interesting facts and stories, while also explaining the importance of these animals. The tour is a 45-minute excursion by tractor-trailer and is sure to be a hit with your kiddos!

Before or after the guided tour, each student and teacher will have the opportunity to interact and pet the animals inside of several different petting zoo areas!

Bring a sack lunch! Be sure to use our huge shaded picnic area, set within view of our playful group of lemurs and porcupine pair!

Check out our dedicated VCita site here: @AdventureZooSafari TEKS Educational Program

Teacher Resource Downloads

Below, you’ll find some important TEKS-Based resources you may or may not use for your field trip with us. If you are needing more information from us, please give us a call!

Check out this awesome video and get an even better idea about what a field trip looks like with us here at the Exotic Resort Zoo!

Contact Us

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Phone: (830)868-4357

Guided Tours are BACK!

We have transitioned back to our Guided Tours full time. If you have weather or COVID concerns, please call us for accommodations.