We have 7 safari cabins – all finished out with aromatic cedar, offering beautiful views overlooking the lake in our center pasture and next to our kangaroo exhibit.

Feel free to walk around and take closer look at our kangaroos and wallabies, or maybe go fishing at our catch and release pond!  All as you are surrounded by the majestic hill country views and scenery…

EZ-Reservation Requests!

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From there, we’ll confirm your request and follow-up with you with a reservation confirmation or give you the best options for your preferred dates!

Planning Suggestions!

  1. For larger groups, Cabin 6 sleeps up to (8) people with the largest outdoor deck area.  Or you can reserve adjoining Cabins 6 & 7 for up to 12 guests!
    • Cabins 3 and 5 are the next largest options if you need to accommodate larger families and groups with a few more people.
    • Cabin 3 (Chateau de Eland) has two bedrooms and (3) queen beds to sleep up to (6) guests.
    • Cabin 5 (Elk Lodge) is our 2-story cabin with (1) queen and (2) full beds and private upstairs suite.
  2. For food preparation planning, (4) cabins include full kitchenettes, while the (2) cozier cabins include a small fridge, toaster, microwave and coffee maker.
  3. All cabins include accommodations, linens and towels up to their capacity guest rating.


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The Bears Den cabin was built out with aromatic cedar, including the interior & cathedral-style ceilings.  It is closest to the zoo range, so you can see more animals up close throughout your stay, especially when relaxing on the large outdoor deck or cooking on the charcoal grill under the shade of a large oak tree!

The cabin includes two separate rooms (queen bed in each) with one bathroom.  In the evenings, you can enjoy a few comforts from home with a flat-screen TV, including upgraded DirectTV and access to free WIFI.

Want to explore Bears Den?  Click to learn more!


Welcome to our handicapped accessible safari cabin!  It has a ramp for easy access with new limestone rock work covering the oak tree roots for no-fuss access to the surrounding pavilion, making ease of access enjoyable for all guests looking for a safari getaway!

The cabin includes two separate rooms (queen bed in each) with one bathroom.   In the evenings, you can enjoy a few comforts from home with a flat-screen TV, including upgraded DirectTV and access to free WIFI.

Primed for your perch in Ostrich Nest?  Click here!


This is one of our largest rustic safari cabins with (3) queen beds, two full baths, and plenty of floor space.  This roomy cabin and is tucked back in the shade under a large canopy of oak trees (right next to the game pavilion).

Once inside, the first room includes a queen size bed + full bath (shower) as you walk in, with a spacious kitchenette area on the right.  The second room past the kitchen includes two separate beds and another full bath (tub).

In the evenings, you can enjoy a few comforts from home with a flat-screen TV including upgraded DirectTV and access to free WIFI…but make sure that’s after you’ve enjoyed a clear view of the hill country sunset!

Enter the french doors and explore more here


As implied by the name, our coziest cabin is ideal for new families…or just the two of you on a special getaway!

This cabin is setup as a studio including (2) full beds and one full bath.  The kitchenette is perfect for a quiet breakfast-in-bed experience, as you close the wooden-shuttered windows to fully escape the day and enjoy your peaceful solitude…

In the evenings, you’ll enjoy a few comforts from home with a flat-screen TV, including upgraded DirectTV service and access to free WIFI.

Climb into the Kangaroo Pouch here!


Elk Lodge is our only 2-story cabin offers tremendous views of the safari park and surrounding hill country from two balconies – you won’t want to miss the amazing hill country sunsets!

As you walk in downstairs, there is a full kitchen with full-size fridge, with queen size bed and full bath. Then you make your way to the upstairs suite with two full beds and another private bath.

Both balconies have amazing views, but we recommend trying out the upstairs balcony at least once.  You are guaranteed to enjoy sunrise or sunsets from an elevated view of the animal preserve!

If you have a larger group and don’t want to stay cooped up (and if Cabin 6 is already booked because that cabin is perfect for larger groups), hang out in the shade of our outdoor kitchen and watch the big screen, play some ping pong or throw some darts!

Find out about lounging in the Elk Lodge here!


Dottie’s Cabin is the largest cabin that sleeps up to 8 guests.  It has our largest patio deck with amazing views of the zoo and surrounding hill country.

Inside the cabin:

  • You’ll be in a huge great room equipped with two murphy beds to keep maximum space available during the day.
  • There is also a separate room with two additional queen beds.

Have a larger group?  We’ve recently added a connecting 4-person cabin with an extended deck, so you can book cabin 6 & 7 together and sleep up to 12 guests!

Either way, you’ll have plenty of space to kick back and enjoy the unique experience of listening to all the animals living it up on the range!

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Welcome to our new cabin #7 (Omar’s Oasis), in memory of our original kissing camel from our early days.  This cabin is set-up as a cozy individual 2 bedroom suite ideal for up to 4 guests (similar to cabins 1 & 2).

It features an extended deck for your own private area when reserved on its own…

Or larger groups can rent Cabin 6 & 7 together for up to 12 guests with even more deck space!

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