Welcome to the Exotic Resort Zoo

Where there is fun for everyone!


A resort designed for wild animals- 
where people can enjoy their company

A one of a kind preserve where several endangered species of animals have a chance to increase their numbers and at the same time allowing people to enjoy their beauty and company. The commitment of the Zoo is not only to maintain a healthy atmosphere for the animals, but help them to become people friendly. Everyone has a chance to have a hands on experience with all the animals. You not only can see them, but you can touch them!

Over 500 animals

Located on 137 wooded acres with several small lakes and creeks for the enjoyment of animals from around the world to breed and raise their young in a natural habitat.

More than 1/2 of the wild animals in the park at one time or another were listed on the endangered animal lists and nearing extinction. Fortunately, because of zoos and animal parks like The Exotic Resort Zoo many are multiplying and will be around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Daily guided Safari tours

After entering the park you will be able to relax and enjoy a guided tour through the natural environment of the wild animals. Professional guides will share interesting facts about each animal's habits, backgrounds and life-span.

Watch the wild animals run to greet you hoping you will be dropping a special treat that will be given to you by the park to feed the animals. You and your family will have the unique experience of playing with a baby deer, elk and many other playful animals in two petting zoos.