Welcome to the Exotic Resort Zoo & Safari Cabins

Where there is fun for everyone of all ages!


A resort designed for wild exotic animals - 
where people can enjoy their company

An independently-owned and operated zoo safari resort & preserve, where several endangered species of animals have a chance to increase their numbers, while also allowing visitors like you to safely enjoy their company and natural beauty.

The commitment of the Exotic Resort Zoo is to maintain a healthy and nurturing environment to help our animals enjoy their lives, as they grow their herds and get to enjoy being hand fed by all of you on daily guided tours.  You are absolutely guaranteed to have a unique and personal hands-on experience when you visit us with all your family and friends! 

Daily guided Safari tours with over 700 animals

Once  there, you will begin your adventure through 137 sprawling wooded acres, including several creeks and watering holes, where you will see over 700 animals from 80 different species...  You can have any number of unique experiences like:

  • Seeing the beauty of our growing herd of Greater Kudu antelope with their impressive spiraling horns...
  • Putting your arm around Misty our friendly Llama, who is famous for handing out with you throughout your tour...giving you the chance to get her nice and full with feed (make sure you save some)!
  • Watching a mother cleaning her new-born, as you see them take their first steps in this natural and inviting habitat...
  • You could even see a little joey poke out of a kangaroo pouch, especially when you stay with us at our cabins and get to walk right up to their home!

As you are guided around this safari park preserve, you will also encounter several super-exotics and endangered species that now enjoy their place in this peaceful and remote setting.  Watch as the numerous exotic animals run up to greet you, eagerly anticipating a special treat, as you get the opportunity to directly hand feed many of the animals on your guided tour (don't forget your buckets)!  

Afterwards, let loose, relax, and look forward to enjoying even more playful animals in one of multiple petting zoos...and don't forget to pick up a memorable souvenir in our newly-renovated gift shop!

All this and more, will give you a personal zoo encounter like nothing you have ever experienced...and your children and grandchildren alike, will share their sense of wonder and excitement on what they will see next!