One thing has been certain over the last 20+ years, it is because of valued customers just like you that we are living our dream of growing and developing this Texan Zoo & Safari into the uniquely special experience that it is today!

As an independently-owned and operated business, the continual support and loyalty of guests just like you, make it possible for us at The Exotic Resort Zoo to raise these beloved animals and share them with your friends & families.

Come on down, just 4 miles north of Johnson City on Hwy 281!

Upon arrival, you will begin your adventure through 137 sprawling wooded acres, where the professional safari tour guides will educate and entertain you with stories and facts about your new friends – which at last count, numbered over 700 animals from 45+ different species! And who knows – you may even be part of one of the tours when the owners jump out there to share their decades of experiences to a lucky group!

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As you are guided around this natural park preserve, you will encounter several super-exotics and endangered species that now enjoy their place in this peaceful and remote setting.  These super-exotics are normally in separate herds and are mostly enjoyed at a distance for their protection and yours, but who knows – you may just get to meet some of their babies up close when you visit one of our petting zoos!

These majestic animals (along with many other exotic animals!) will show you how they enjoy many of the freedoms that they would experience in the wild, as they roam with you throughout your tour with us.  This is the type of encounter where the animals themselves will invite you into their home…all in the hopes that you will be kind enough to share a bucket of feed with them!  If the last 20+ years have been any indication, these characters are guaranteed to give visitors like you a unique and personal safari encounter that you and your family will always remember!

Don’t miss out!!  Come and visit us for a memorable tour today and even book your stay to get your tours included if you stay at one of our scenic safari cabins at The Exotic Resort Zoo & Safari Cabins!


The Exotic Resort Zoo first began in 1995, after a married couple with a passion for animals, became inspired to take on the adventure of a lifetime…all because of a very unique (and cherished) companion who became a motivating and life-long inspiration to the future and culture of their next family business adventure.

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