Special Events

The Exotic Zoo Resort is proud to host multiple group options at our nature preserve!  Here are some of the more common options (that also have dedicated pages with more info):

BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGES - Call us for party rates for your group; includes tours, safari-themed party supplies, and access to a large pavilion area!

FIELD TRIPS -  Interactive educational activities (under TEKS §112.11-.16), including an information scavenger hunt while at our zoo!

SCHOOL GROUPS Indoor and Outdoor TEKS-based educational options and fun learning activities.    

  • We come to you!  All new interactive in-school visits with educational seminar followed by hands-on time (if allowed by your organization)!
    • This indoor option is perfect during the winter months
  • You come to us! Schedule your Spring/Summer field trips soon - they're always a hit!
    • Watch your adventurers learn some fun facts on their guided tour, spotlight session, and animal-science scavenger hunts  

FAIRS & RODEOS - [Discontinued]

Need to review options?  

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